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Media Relations 
Brand Endorsements

The core of what we do is centred around garnering media attention for our clients. We package your brand and get people talking about it. If you are not making headlines, then we are not doing our job. Our clients have been featured in some of the top magazines, morning and talk shows, news websites and much more. 


With an extensive list of industry contacts in print, broadcast and digital media, Project Four PR puts you in the spotlight and turns you into a household name.

What makes us unique as a firm is our belief in outside-the-box thinking. When it comes to enhancing your brand, we seek out opportunities in all aspects of PR and marketing. One element we specialize in is creating partnerships with some of the world's biggest brands.


We recognize that our clients are highly trusted and respected by their loyal fan base. We work closely with companies to bring forth their value and create long lasting professional relationships while raising their public profile. 

Charitable Partnerships

We are fortunate to work with clients who believe in the importance of philanthropy. At Project Four PR, we help our talent enhance their relationships with the charities they support as well as find other ones they wish to give back to.  Whether it is through social media campaigns, gala hosting and attendance, fundraising efforts or PSAs, we find unique and creative ways to help raise awareness for the organizations our clients hold close to their hearts. 

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." 

Event Attendance

At Project Four PR, we work hard to discover unique and creative ways to make sure that our clients stand out.  This includes finding press opportunities in all ways possible. Part of our services include helping our clients gain access and attendance to some of the country's top events including red carpets, galas, film festivals, awards ceremonies, store and product launches, where they have been photographed and interviewed by some of the world's top media outlets. 

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