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Project Four Public Relations is an Entertainment and Sports Public Relations and Management Firm based in Toronto, Canada representing some of the country’s top talents in the film, television, sports, music and lifestyle industries. We specialize in personal publicity and management services which includes media relations, brand endorsements, charitable partnerships, red carpet attendance, and digital strategies.
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an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.
Almost from prehistoric times, the number four was employed to signify what was solid. Its relationship to the cross (four points) made it an outstanding symbol of wholeness and universality.
Our name comes from the concept of collaborative work. We believe in working with our clients rather than for them. Project Four's approach is to become a part of your team. With this philosophy, we ensure that each campaign has your input from start to finish. Combined with our expertise, creative strategies and your highest vision, we deliver the best results that help achieve the greater goal as a whole. 
"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." 
Amira de Vera, Founder

Amira de Vera began her career in public relations in 2009 with an internship at an Entertainment and Lifestyle publicity firm in Toronto, Canada. There she was given the opportunity to work closely with some of the country's top talents and Hollywood's biggest film productions. After completing her internship, she was immediately hired on and her passion for entertainment publicity grew.

Over time, Amira developed extensive relationships with the industry's top journalists and successfully garnered a long list of media placements for her clients including multiple magazine covers, feature interviews and stories, talk show appearances and red carpet interviews, to name a few. 

Having started during the birth of the social media boom, Amira gained a deep understanding of the digital landscape. This allowed her to help her clients to develop and enhance a strong online presence attracting additional buzz as well as professional opportunities. 

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Amira is well-known for her out of the box thinking and elevating her clients' brands to the next level. 

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